CBeebies recommissions 7 Wonder

CBeebies has ordered a second series of 7 Wonder’s kids’ format Do You Know?

Science format set to return

CBeebies has ordered a second series of 7 Wonder’s debut kids’ format Do You Know?

The 25 x 14-minute science series will again follow Maddie Moate as the technology vlogger explores the workings of everyday objects. Alongside Moate’s explanations, the programme makes use of the latest camera technology to offer viewers a unique window into the world.

The first series aired to a consolidated average audience of 328,000 (3.8%) in September 2016.

The second series was recommissioned by CBeebies controller Kay Benbow.

It will be exec produced by CBeebies Julia Bond and 7 Wonder’s Sarah Trigg.

CBeebies recommissions 7 Wonder

Bond said: “It’s a great offering for our CBeebies audience, which opens up the world around them to give an understanding of how things work and how they are made.”

Trigg added: “The new series will take our young viewers on more exciting discoveries, tackling some of the complex science and engineering behind the everyday things we all encounter.”

First published on on 23rd May 2017 - written by  Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

CBeebies recommissions 7 Wonder