Back To The Land With Kate Humble

7th March, 8pm, BBC Two

Back To The Land With Kate Humble

Some series have a cool, wholesome kind of vibe to them right from the off and this, happily, is one of them. It’s warm and watchable and full of heartening tales of rural entrepreneurs who are taking gambles with their livelihoods on innovative (in some cases, slightly crazy-seeming) business ideas. 

Kate Humble and co-presenter Geetie Singh-Watson meet them across the course of spring, summer and autumn last year, to see how their cottage industries fare. There are fascinating stories, all from Pembrokeshire this week. 

Will is reacting to the slow death of Welsh dairy farming (70 per cent of dairy farms there have closed, we’re told) by rearing Japanese Wagyu beef cattle, famed for their luscious meat. Jonathan picks and processes seaweed to make a cool range of “beach food” products. Shann uses goat’s milk from her small herd to make probiotic drinks and skincare products. They all dream big and so far so good – they’re all making money.

First Published in The Radio Times, written by David Butcher